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June 21-24, 2018 Schedule of Camps

Camps are currently being planned for the Summer 2018 JLDA camps. Please send all comments, questions, and ideas to Nolen Fox.

North Texas Royal Rangers
Junior Leadership Development Academy
June 21-24, 2018 & June 24-29 (BAC only)

At the Junior Leadership Development Academy this summer, we will be hosting eight camps, including two Action camps: Shooting Sports Action Camp (SSAC) and Backpacking Action Camp (BAC). If you are in Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers, or Expedition Rangers, we have a camp for you.

Backpacking Action Camp (BAC) will take place the week after JLDA ends. (June 24-29, 2018)


Trail of the Tomahawk Camps


Ranger Training Camp (RTC) is a district leadership training camp for boys who have graduated the 4th grade but not yet in the 7th grade. RTC prepares boys to serve as junior leaders in a boy-led, adult-facilitated outpost. This camp helps boys answer questions like: What is my role in my patrol and group? What are some of my God-given talents and strengths? How do I add value to my patrol and group? What responsibilities can I undertake to help my patrol and group? Merits to be worked on during this camp include the blue BB Gun and blue Archery merits.


Academy Merits Camp (AMC) is a district training event for boys who have completed at least the third grade. It is designed to help boys earn merits on their way to earning their Gold Eagle or Adventure Gold Medal. Each boy can choose one of two tracks of merit classes offered with the goal of completing each merit in their chosen track. The tracks with the merits will be posted on the boy’s applications.


Frontier Brigade Camp (FBC) is a camp for boys who have completed at least the fifth grade and are at least 11 years old. They must have also completed at least the DR Gold Eagle, AR Adventure Bronze, or ER E1 medal. It is designed for the boys to begin their adventure into the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF) and to grow spiritually. Boys camp in an FCF village and participate in classes in the village taught by FCF instructors. This creates a unique atmosphere and learning experience for the boys. The last two days is an actual FCF Adventure where the boys will have the opportunity to become FCF members.


Trail of the Saber Camps


Junior Training Camp (JTC) is a district training event for boys who have completed at least the 6th grade. JTC focuses on leadership development in the local patrol and group. JTC is a required camp for the Trail of the Saber Award.


Advanced Junior Training Camp (AJTC) is a district event for boys who have completed at least the 7th grade and JTC. AJTC focuses on leadership development by serving in group and church leadership patrols for young men. AJTC is a required camp for the Trail of the Saber Award.


Shooting Sports Action Camp (SSAC) is for those who wish to learn about shooting sports. At this camp you will earn the Silver Black Powder Safety and Silver Black Powder Shooting merits. Instruction will be based on the NRA guidelines for black powder shooting. All action camps require that participants have completed at least the 8th grade, JTC, and AJTC.


Backpacking Action Camp (BAC) is designed for those who want to spend time on the trail learning and developing backpacking skills with classes, such as trail equipment, low impact camping, emergency first aid, map and compass, and rescue techniques. Instruction is based on the Green and Silver Backpacking merits. Trail teams will camp and work together. Participants will carry their gear and food in backpacks and will share in tasks and leadership responsibilities. They will live in tents and prepare their meals. They will be given many opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned about living in the backcountry. Check in for BAC will be Sunday evening after the JLDA graduation!


Junior Academy (JA) is designed to prepare men and young men to serve as leaders/instructors at RTC, JTC, AJTC, Action Camps, and further equip them for service in the local outpost and the local church. JA has a strong focus on mentoring and staff training. JA is a two-stage process. Stage one offers training in staff orientation and theory (pre-event). Stage two is the practical application of Stage 1 and involves staff in training at a JLDA event. Participants must have completed JTC, AJTC, and at least one action camp.