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2018 North Texas Royal Rangers News



2018 Brush Poppin' Trace

Hopefully by now you have made plans to attend the very first Royal Ranger and Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship event of the year. Commanders, please get your paperwork filled out and returned on time. If you have a candidate for the Frontier Adventure, please have that application turned in no later than February 23, 2018. But why wait until the last minute? Get all of the pastor signatures and permission forms and get that into the mail. The more we know in advance the better we can prepare for the event!

I for one look forward to seeing a huge number of shelters set up and all of the guys setting around the fire Saturday night telling stories of the Shawnee Trail from days gone by! Let’s make this an event to remember! It starts with you!

Keep Yer Powder Dry

Spotted Bull

2018 Pilgrim's College

May 19, 2018

A couple of years ago we instituted a new FCF event in May called May Fete. It was a time to get together for fun and games on a Saturday and enjoy that good fellowship with family. In the spirit of promoting and boosting FCF throughout the District, we have decided to change the direction of that event this year. The year we will be having a Pilgrim’s College.

So what is that exactly, you may be asking yourself? That’s a really good question. And the answer is quite simple. Have you ever wanted to know how we set up all these really cool canvas shelters? We are going to show you how we set one up. Have you ever wanted to know how we throw the hawk and knife and make them stick? We are going to show you that. Have you ever wanted to know how we cook over an open fire in Dutch ovens and cast iron skillets? Well, we are going to have a very special presentation about that!

Basically, if you want to know how we do things in the FCF Village, but were afraid to ask, then come on out to Pilgrim’s College and learn how we do it. Now this is a family event, so bring along the ladies in the family too! They can have just as much fun, or more, than the boys can! Pilgrim’s College is an opportunity to get your outpost and their families interested in Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship and all the fun stuff that goes along with it. So don’t miss it!


2018 FCF Brush Poppin' Trace

For fifty years we have traveled along the Shawnee Trail. Some years were tough, some were easy, and some were just down right weird. We have journeyed this far and have come out alive. Some might even say we've learned a thing or two along the way. Fifty years is a long time to travel, however, so we have decided to settle down for a weekend... and celebrate!

Come join us in our celebration March 16-18 at The Royal Rangers® Camp at Lakeview. We will be holding competitions to see who is the best at black powder shooting, knife throwing and tomahawk throwing, and possibly even a fire-starting competition. This year we are also going to focus on learning a new trade, getting pointers on one you already know, or showing someone else how to do that special thing that you do.

In the evening, around the council fire, some tall tales and old stories will be told about our journey down the Shawnee Trail. There will be music and devotions, and items for trade on the young buck blanket Saturday night! Early registration is due by February 23, so register now to join in the celebration of 50 Years along the Shawnee Trail.


SCR Regional Conference

January 12-13, 2018

This weekend is the SCR Regional Conference in San Antonio, TX. More information can be found in the registration packet.


World Class Outpost

Austin, Texas
February 16-17, 2018

Have you or other RR Leaders in your church ever wondered how to create a successful set of practices, methods, strategies, and tools that will enable them to develop a "World Class Outpost?" This February at Glad Tidings in Austin, they can learn how to do just that. For optimal results it is best to have the outpost/church leadership attend and complete this event together as a team. The discount deadline is this Friday, January 12, so register now.

FCF Newsletter

The latest issue of the FCF Long Tom is available now. Check it out to find the latest news of what is happening in the Shawnee Trail Chapter.

Read the NTX FCF Long Tom

2018 Pow Wow

The 2018 Pow Wow will be held April 27-29 at The Royal Rangers® Camp at Lakeview. The cost is $70 chartered/$83 non-chartered if pre-registered by April 9. The theme is Highway to Heaven.

Pow Wow Work Day

Don't forget the Pow Wow Work Day, being held April 14. Bring your outpost out to assist on various projects across the campground. After lunch you can reserve your camp site for Pow Wow and work on clearing it to meet your needs.

Other Upcoming Events

Ranger Derby

Outpost 346, Terrell First Assembly of God, is holding Ranger Derby Races on February 24, 2018. Registration starts at 9.

Ranger Essentials

A Ranger Essentials is scheduled for March 10 at the district campground. The cost is $25 and class begins at 8.

Ranger Basics

A Ranger Basics is scheduled for April 7 at Westwood Christian Fellowship (Weatherford). The cost is $25 and class begins at 8.

2018 National Rendezvous

Lift Up Your Voice
July 16-20, 2018 - Eagle Rock, MO

National Rendezvous is a unique experience for FCF members, both young and old, from all across the country to come together at Camp Eagle Rock. If you are looking at getting into FCF, there will be an FCF Adventure held during this camp. Come experience an adventure unlike one you've likely experienced before. More information is to come, but start planning ahead for the experience of a lifetime.