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2017 North Texas Royal Rangers News


Ranger Basics

On Saturday, September 9 the North Texas Royal Rangers will host a Ranger Basics training class at The Royal Rangers Camp at Lakeview (map). The class will begin at 9:00 a.m. and conclude by 5:00 p.m.

The cost is $25 per person, which covers all training materials except the textbook, your patch and certificate, and lunch on Saturday.

The textbook for this class is the Royal Rangers Leader Manual: Inspire the Journey. This book is available from Gospel Publishing House (MyHealthyChurch.com). The catalog number is 020707, and the price is $31.49 if you are not chartered, and $26.77 if you are chartered (chartered groups receive a 15% discount on all Royal Rangers merchandise from GPH).

If you or your group are traveling a distance and would like to stay at the camp Friday night, lodging is available for free (breakfast on your own). Let us know you would like to stay the night when you register, and bring your own bedding.

To register, send an e-mail to Jonathan Trower at jonathan.trower@txtf.us indicating the number of people from your church who will be attending. We need this count for training materials and lunch on Saturday. Please e-mail your registration no later than Wednesday, September 6.



The Importance of Chartering

Some years ago, my son signed up to play football on the community sports league. If he wanted to play football, he had to charter. They called it a program fee, but basically it was the same as chartering. For him to participate, we contributed to a fund that ensured the football program could pay for the field, lights, referees and other costs involved to have a league. In Royal Rangers one of the most misunderstood areas is chartering. We are often asked these questions: Is chartering necessary? Are we required to charter? Why do we need to charter?

Chartering provides four major benefits to Royal Rangers which helps to strengthen the program and ensure its health and growth.

Chartering provides the necessary funding to operate the ministry. Product and curriculum sales generate some income. However, it is not sufficient to cover all the operational costs of a national ministry. The charter fees from boys and men give Royal Rangers the added income to cover product development, travel, salaries, and the other expenses of operating the ministry. Additionally, a fourth of each charter goes back to assist the district Ranger program. Without this income, which is designed so that many give a little, the cost of products, curriculum and events would have to increase significantly.

Chartering provides the ministry real metrics for measuring the ministry. As outposts charter, it allows the national office to have real numbers on how a district, region, and ultimately the program is doing nationally. This information reveals what areas of the country are experiencing growth, remaining stagnant, or declining. This assists us in determining where to schedule trainings and focus our support. It is difficult to measure the health and adequately administrate a national ministry without this real information.

Chartering helps to protect the brand and integrity of the Rangers' ministry. Chartering allows the national office to ensure that those who are using the Rangers' ministry agree with our core mission and beliefs. When churches use Rangers without chartering, they weaken the program. Without chartering it is difficult for us to prevent those with opposing views and beliefs from using the Royal Rangers' name.

Chartering allows the local outpost to be a recognized part of the national ministry. Churches that don't charter because of the very small cost involved miss the opportunity of gaining new boys and families. I observed while serving in the district office, and now in the national office, that we regularly hear from individuals moving to a new town who want to know which churches have Rangers. The outpost locator on the national website identifies churches that have chartered outposts, helping families connect with those churches.

The national guidelines for Royal Rangers state that everyone using Royal Rangers must be chartered. Just as individuals who don't tithe enjoy the benefits of a local church because of the faithfulness of those who do, unchartered outposts are benefiting from the faithfulness of those who are chartered.

We paid $125 in charter fees so my son could play football for four months on the community league. That was in addition to all the things we had to buy. When a church charters with Royal Rangers for $11 a year, a boy gets a year of mentoring and discipleship through Royal Rangers. This is a small price to pay to keep Rangers strong and growing for churches, families and boys across America.

Republished from Rangers NOW. Written by Karl Fleig.
Copyright © 2017 by The General Council of the Assemblies of God. All rights reserved.


Ranger Kids Day Camp
September 23, 2017

"Take Aim" is the theme for this year's RK Day Camp, held at The Royal Rangers Camp at Lakeview. This camp promises to be a fun and memorable time for your Ranger Kids. The pre-registration fee is $15 chartered/$18 non-chartered before September 14, 2017. Commemorative t-shirts are also available.




$190 chartered/$230 non-chartered

There is a National Rangers Ministry Camp (NRMC) being held right here in North Texas, October 27-29 at The Royal Rangers Camp at Lakeview.  Registrations received before the pre-registration deadline of September 22 get a discount. The NRMC will give instruction in basic outdoor skills and activities. Leaders will be challenged to connect with God and explore spiritual manhood.



FCF Family Days

$15 Active (18+)/$20 Inactive (18+)

The NTX Shawnee Trail Chapter's annual FCF Family Days camp is only two months away! We are really looking forward to an awesome time! This year we are focusing more on Family so get your family together and come on out for a great weekend of fun and worshiping the Lord! The dates are October 20th-22nd. Bring something for the pie auction and the round robin blanket. See ya at camp!



NTX Winter Camp
November 17-19, 2017

"Hit The Mark" is our theme for this year's Winter Camp. Our special speaker for the camp is our Royal Rangers USA National Director, Rev. Karl Fleig. Begin making plans to attend this year's exciting and fun Winter Camp at The Royal Rangers Camp at Lakeview. More information will be available soon.

Presidential Volunteer Service Awards

All hours for the current academic year, those done between September 1, 2016, through August 31, 2017, must be recorded by September 15. The NTX Royal Rangers is a certifying organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. You can register for an account using our Record of Service key: KZF-45700. Awards will be presented at Winter Camp.



New South Central Region Regional Coordinator Appointed

Since 2004, Jonathan Trower has been serving as the South Central Region regional coordinator representing the districts of Central (Hispanic), Kansas, New Mexico, North Texas, Oklahoma, South Central Hispanic, South Texas, Texas Gulf Hispanic, Texas-Louisiana Hispanic, West Texas, and West Texas & the Plains (Hispanic). Due to a recent promotion to department chair for his department at Baylor University, he determined it was time to take a step away from some of his responsibilities in Royal Rangers by stepping down as the regional coordinator. He will continue to serve in Royal Rangers as the North Texas district director as well as in his local outpost and on the national Programs Action Team.

The national Royal Rangers office this week announced his replacement after much prayer and consideration of several candidates. The national office announced the appointment of Ken Porter as our new South Central Region regional coordinator.

Ken became a Royal Ranger in 1994 serving in the local outpost as Trailblazers; Air, Sea, and Trail Rangers; Urban Rangers; and currently with Adventure and Expedition Rangers. He also serves as the outpost coordinator for Outpost 68 at Camelot Christian Center in San Antonio, TX. As an organizational leader, he has served as the deputy sectional commander, district public relations coordinator, and deputy district director. He is currently the district outreach coordinator in South Texas.

Join us in thanking Jonathan Trower for his numerous years of service in our region as training coordinator and regional coordinator and in congratulating Ken Porter on his appointment to regional coordinator.

North Central Region Leaders Meeting

The leaders in the North Central Region (covering the sections of Denton, North Dallas, Northeast Fort Worth, Northwest Fort Worth, Plano, Red River, and Rockwall) will be having a meeting July 6 at 7:30 PM at First AG in Dallas (11000 E Northwest Highway; Dallas, TX 75238). For more information, please contact JD Smith.

Plainsmen Territorial Rendezvous

$75 Old Timers/$45 Young Bucks

It's not too late to make plans to attend this year's Territorial Rendezvous to be held July 12-14, 2017, at The Range in New Mexico.  The speaker is Mike "Running Turtle" Eddy, pastor of University Assembly of God Church in Waxahachie.  There are plenty of fun activities planned but you must be an active FCF member to attend. Visit Regional Website for details.

Wendell Conner - 48 Years of Service to Royal Rangers

After 48 years of service in Royal Rangers in New York and North Texas, Wendell Conner, commander from GT Austin, is retiring from active Royal Rangers ministry. Many of you know Wendell from his involvement over the years in Austin section and North Texas district events.  Join us in expressing our thanks and appreciation for his numerous years of service to the Royal Rangers ministry. 


Begin making plans to attend this year's commander's conference, GUIDE2017. It will be held on September 9, 2017. More information will be available soon. If you there is a class you need or would like to see taught, contact Randy Woods.

RK Day Camp

Your Ranger Kids will not want to miss this year's RK Day Camp on September 23. This exciting day camp always gets the kids excited. More information will be available soon. If you have any questions, please contact Greg Garza.


NTX Pow Wow

Gospel Inspired: Jesus Offers Eternity

Plans are well under way for our big district camp of the year for our boys. Our guest speaker for this camp is Kyle Embry. He and his wife Janelle are the North Texas Youth Alive missionaries. His mission is to help young people, including your boys, to be spiritual warriors and evangelists in their schools. The pre-registration deadline is quickly approaching on April 7. The registration fee is $77 for non-chartered churches. If your church is chartered, you will receive a 15% discount, resulting in a registration fee of $65. After April 7 the registration fee goes up to $92 non-chartered/$80 chartered. A separate registration form MUST be completed for each attendee. This form requires the parent or legal guardian signature for boys 17 and younger. Participants 18 and older require the signature of participant. Also, anyone 18 and older must have an adult registration form (separate from the participant agreement form) with the signature of their pastor and a criminal background check that has been conducted in either 2016 or 2017.


Pow Wow Work Day

We have a Pow Wow work day scheduled for April 8 to help get our campgrounds prepared for this year's Pow Wow. You will also have the opportunity to get your campsite ready for use. Please arrive by 8 am. Lunch and a special patch will be provided to those that come and work.

Ranger Safety Course

$25 per person

A Ranger Safety Course is being offered at Crossroads Church (1501 Joe Ramsey Blvd.; Greenville, TX) on Sunday, April 23 from 2:15-5:30 pm. Please register by contacting Patty Fogleman, (903) 217-4400 or pfogleman54@yahoo.com, by Wednesday, April 19th.


Territorial Rendezvous

$50 Old Timers/$35 Young Bucks

This year's Territorial Rendezvous is July 12-14, 2017, at The Range in New Mexico. The speaker is Mike "Running Turtle" Eddy, pastor of University Assembly of God Church in Waxahachie. There are plenty of fun activities planned but you must be an active FCF member to attend.


Junior Leadership Development Academy

This year's JLDA will be held June 22-25, 2017 at The Royal Rangers Camp at Lakeview. We are offering numerous camps for boys in Discovery, Adventure, and Expedition Rangers. We are in need of numerous leaders to also participate to help make these camps successful for the boys. If you have further questions, please contact Nolen Fox.

Ranger Training Camp, Academy Merit Camp, Frontier Brigade Camp, Junior Training Camp, Advanced JTC, Junior Academy, Aquatics Action Camp



2017 Shawnee Trail May Fete

This year's FCF May Fete will be held on May 20th at The Royal Rangers Camp at Lakeview. More information will be published soon. For questions about the event, please contact the FCF President, David Kohn.


SCR Regional Conference

Today is the pre-registration deadline for the South Central Regional Conference. We encourage all commanders to attend this conference. This conference brings leaders from across the South Central Region from the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico. The conference will be held at Crossroads Church in Oklahoma City on January 27-28, 2017. Training begins at 1:00 PM Friday afternoon and concludes at 5:00 PM on Saturday. The special guest speaker is Doug Marsh, director for Royal Rangers International (RRI). 2017 marks the 15th anniversary for RRI. He will be ministering the Word Friday night. On Saturday, he will be sharing about RRI during three breakout sessions. A registration packet and hotel information is available on the region's web site.


Pow Wow

$65 Chartered/$77 Non-Chartered

The 2017 Pow Wow - Gospel Inspired: Jesus Offers Eternity is coming up April 28-30. The guest speaker is Kyle Embry, the North Texas Youth Alive missionaries.


Brush Poppin' Trace

$25 Active FCF Member/$35 Non-Member

The annual FCF Shawnee Trail Brush Poppin' Trace and FCF Frontier Adventure is quickly approaching on March 10-12. The theme is "Come Join the Adventure".


Ranger Basics Training

A Ranger Basics is being held over two Sunday afternoons at Crossroads Church (1501 Joe Ramsey Blvd; Greenville, TX 75042) on February 12th and 19th from 2:00-5:30. Cost is $20. Register by February 9th. Contact Patty Fogleman at (903) 217-4400 with all questions.


Blacksmith Shop Work Day

The FCF Shawnee Trail Chapter purchased a historic blacksmith shop that is currently stored in Italy, TX. Ken Harris is in need of a bunch of men to help get it all moved this Saturday, January 21. We must have it all moved that day. Call Ken Harris for more information at (214) 437-0900.

World Class Outpost Seminar

A World Class Outpost (WCO) Seminar is scheduled for February 24-25, at The Grace Place Church in Arlington, TX. The early registration deadline is January 20. An information packet, paper application, and online application are all available online.