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2018 Pow Wow - Highway to Heaven

We hope to see you and your boys at our annual Pow Wow on April 27-29, 2018, where boys of all ages are invited to attend the largest event hosted by the North Texas Royal Rangers. There they will interact with other believers, experiencing an event to fire them up more for the Lord. There will be fun activities from field games to shooting events, a show of classic vehicles, as well as fellowship at meal times.

A couple of special events are also taking place at this year's Pow Wow. First, we will be doing a Ranger Derby, so bring your Ranger Derby cars to race against boys and men from all across the district. Second, we are also running a Lego® Derby. This is where you build a derby car out of Legos® and we'll race them against other Lego® derby cars.

Our guest speaker for Pow Wow is Jody Fauss. He will be bringing the Word each day, fanning a fire in each and every person who attends. This is an event you and your boys do not want to miss!

The registration fee is $83 per person. If you are chartered, you receive a 15% discount, resulting in a registration fee of $70 per person for chartered churches. This includes a challenge coin that is earned by the boys through participation in the activities, the patch, a t-shirts, and five meals. Registration is due by April 9. Any registrations received after that date will need an additional $15 per person.



The pre-registration deadline for Pow Wow is coming up on Monday, April 9, 2018. How you register for camps has now changed! As technology advances and becomes a greater part of our life, so too must our registration procedure. Below you will find the link that allows you to register online. This will allow us to better serve the Royal Rangers outposts throughout the district. After the pre-registration deadline, the price increased by $15 per person.


Pow Wow Work Day

Don't forget the Pow Wow Work Day, being held April 14. Bring your outpost out to assist on various projects across the campground. After lunch you can reserve your camp site for Pow Wow and work on clearing it to meet your needs.

Help Needed for Pow Wow

The past several years we have had a father-son team head up the serving of food at Pow Wow. They have been assisted at each meal by volunteers from the leaders attending Pow Wow. That father-son team cannot attend Pow Wow this year, so we are looking for a couple people to step into that role of coordinating the serving of food. If you are willing to help in this area, please contact Jonathan Trower (jonathan.trower@txtf.us or 254-855-8188).

Catapult 700

How would you like for your boys to help launch one of 700 new outposts in Africa? This year the Royal Rangers Masters Toolbox project is called Catapult 700, and the goal is to raise enough money to translate the Royal Rangers curriculum into Swahili and then start at least 700 outposts in Swahili-speaking portions of East Africa. It only takes $429 to help start an outpost.

At Pow Wow this year we are going to show a video on Catapult 700 and give everyone an opportunity to make a faith promise to this project. Giving to this project will count toward total BGMC giving for your church, but if the funds are targeted to this project, the money will help expand the reach of the Royal Rangers ministry.

More information on Catapult 700 can be found on the BGMC website, and you can download a flyer on Catapult 700.