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Adventure Bronze Award Recipients

This information is pulled from the national office listings on their resource pages. If a boy has received his award but not listed below, please validate it has been posted to the national site before contacting anyone. Thanks.

Last Updated 11/12/2017.

2017 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient

2016 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B2016-052 February 2016 Trey Atkeisson
B2016-057 February 2016 Steely Gill
B2016-058 February 2016 Hunter Edwards
B2016-105 March 2016 Mark Escobedo
B2016-106 March 2016 Joseph Gonzalez
B2016-107 March 2016 Nathan Richey
B2016-170 April 2016 Steven Parker
B2016-171 April 2016 Caleb McIntire
B2016-172 April 2016 Christopher Blankenship
B2016-319 July 2016 Chris Vincent
B2016-320 July 2016 Michael Schmidt
B2016-424 September 2016 Matthew Moran

2015 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B2015-008 January 2015 Keylan Cook
B2015-113 March 2015 Coleman Nadeau
B2015-114 March 2015 Peyton McGee
B2015-286 June 2015 Devin Greathouse
B2015-297 June 2015 Andrew Benners
B2015-349 July 2015 Brady Colley
B2015-401 July 2015 Isaiah Martinez
B2015-407 July 2015 Ian Harned
B2015-464 August 2015 Caleb Maxey
B2015-465 August 2015 Jacob Ward
B2015-518 September 2015 Jonathon Hurst
B2015-519 September 2015 Kristopher Hurst
B2015-520 September 2015 Bryson Shull
B2015-521 September 2015 Kolton Schmidt
B2015-641 December 2015 Noah Bogado
B2015-642 December 2015 Josiah Pimentel

2014 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B2014-013 January 2014 Demalia Murphy
B2014-014 January 2014 Stephen Gilcrease
B2014-020 January 2014 Sam Safaei-Mehro
B2014-028 January 2014 Kaleb Flores
B2014-034 February 2014 Joseph Bryce
B2014-035 February 2014 Chris Cole
B2014-036 February 2014 David Hipshire
B2014-037 February 2014 Lane Graham
B2014-038 February 2014 Joshua Johnson
B2014-045 February 2014 Jesse Laughlin
B2014-082 March 2014 Andrew Jech
B2014-083 March 2014 Matthew Reagan
B2014-098 March 2014 Liam Hayle
B2014-099 March 2014 Jacob Boaz
B2014-100 March 2014 Patrick Daugherty
B2014-118 April 2014 Elias Trevino
B2014-119 April 2014 Oscar Ortiz
B2014-132 April 2014 Isaac Grey
B2014-133 April 2014 Daniel Anderson
B2014-240 June 2014 Andy Jeter
B2014-318 July 2014 Stevan Holliday
B2014-355 July 2014 Dylan Silva
B2014-381 August 2014 Emmanuel Salmeron
B2014-384 August 2014 Adriel Leal
B2014-385 August 2014 David Peterson
B2014-444 October 2014 Carter Weakley
B2014-445 October 2014 Neil Edward Byers
B2014-446 October 2014 Jacob M. Bell
B2014-506 October 2014 Moses Menghis
B2014-557 November 2014 Tedrick White
B2014-558 November 2014 Asa Henderson
B2014-559 November 2014 Ariel Henderson
B2014-560 November 2014 Caleb Hare
B2014-589 December 2014 David Burnett 
B2014-590 December 2014 Byron Parada, Jr.
B2014-591 December 2014 Jacob Sanders
B2014-597 December 2014 Jonathan Hart
B2014-598 December 2014 Steven Sanchez

2013 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B011-2013 January 2013 Payton McClain
B012-2013 January 2013 Colton McClain
B013-2013 January 2013 Jaaron Carpenter
B014-2013 January 2013 Bobby Brown
B015-2013 January 2013 Andrew Brown
B016-2013 January 2013 Aaron Carter
B017-2013 January 2013 Xavier Parker
B046-2013 January 2013 Dakota Bledsoe
B091-2013 February 2013 Marcos Flores
B092-2013 February 2013 Jonathan Parker
B118-2013 March 2013 Eric Miller
B232-2013 May 2013 Christopher Schlotte
B234-2013 May 2013 Ryder Coffman
B235-2013 May 2013 Henry Boswell
B236-2013 May 2013 Robert Berry
B339-2013 July 2013 Mark Moran
B341-2013 July 2013 Vince Escabedo
B351-2013 July 2013 Floyd Chambers
B368-2013 August 2013 Mason Wilkins
B380-2013 August 2013 Christopher Newton
B381-2013 August 2013 Joshua Davis
B382-2013 August 2013 Alex Halvorsen
B383-2013 August 2013 David Halvorsen
B389-2013 August 2013 John Bolo
B391-2013 August 2013 Jeremiah Stephens
B392-2013 August 2013 James Landers
B399-2013 August 2013 Elisha Hill
B400-2013 August 2013 Ben Nelon
B401-2013 August 2013 Justin Watson
B402-2013 August 2013 Ethan Heard
B403-2013 August 2013 Nathan McLain
B404-2013 August 2013 Garrett Griffin
B440-2013 September 2013 Matthew Keenan
B441-2013 September 2013 Patrick Keenan
B478-2013 October 2013 Samuel Grey
B2013-546 November 2013 Luis Mendez
B2013-547 November 2013 Gary Wheeler
B2013-551 November 2013 Marco Mogdeleno
B2013-552 November 2013 John Salmeron
B2013-574 December 2013 Brandon Gerding
B2013-575 December 2013 Zachary Wright
B2013-576 December 2013 Stone Nichols

2012 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B058-2012 February 2012 Justin Gallops
B059-2012 February 2012 Caleb Fox
B098-2012 March 2012 Colton Harris
B131-2012 April 2012 Michael Webb
B152-2012 April 2012 Freddie Lee
B153-2012 April 2012 Timothy Lockhart, Jr.
B158-2012 April 2012 Christian Allen
B159-2012 April 2012 Josh Clousing
S163-2012 April 2012 Daniel Kohn
B210-2012 June 2012 Jonathan Phillips, Jr.
B248-2012 June 2012 Reagan Zaragoza
B249-2012 June 2012 Ryan Cormia
B281-2012 July 2012 Shawn Cunningham
B288-2012 July 2012 Isaiah Adams
B290-2012 July 2012 Jonathan Burchett
B291-2012 July 2012 Samuel Escalona
B292-2012 July 2012 Austin Burchett
B293-2012 July 2012 Eric Pope
B294-2012 July 2012 Dalton Pope
B297-2012 July 2012 Colton Colley
B298-2012 July 2012 Michael Stone
B389-2012 September 2012 Jonathan Hulbert
B403-2012 September 2012 Randy Daugherty
B404-2012 September 2012 Aron Money
B454-2012 October 2012 Samuel Carson
B496-2012 November 2012 Austin Marshall
B529-2012 December 2012 Timothy Conner, Jr.
B550-2012 December 2012 Aaron Tovar

2011 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B049-2011 February 2011 Tanner Farley
B074-2011 March 2011 Brandon Dye
B076-2011 March 2011 Peyton Phelps
B079-2011 April 2011 Adian Reed
B080-2011 April 2011 Elliot Worsham
B081-2011 April 2011 Matthew Hipshire
B105-2011 April 2011 Reed Lewis
B206-2011 June 2011 Zac Smith
B207-2011 June 2011 Samuel Peterson
B208-2011 June 2011 Samuel Garza
B349-2011 September 2011 Anthony Tinajero
B371-2011 September 2011 Matthew Talton
B372-2011 September 2011 Benjamin Sanchez
B373-2011 September 2011 Joel Abraham
B395-2011 September 2011 Ezra DeLaGarza
B396-2011 September 2011 Seth Moran
B416-2011 October 2011 Grayson Zaragoza
B497-2011 November 2011 Nick Kohn
B500-2011 November 2011 Michael Peterson
B501-2011 November 2011 Joel James

2010 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B007-2010 January 2010 Aaron Black
B015-2010 January 2010 Amos Magnum
B036-2010 February 2010 Charles Hamilton
B037-2010 February 2010 Jonathan Foster
B044-2010 February 2010 Brandon Lewis
B055-2010 March 2010 Joshua Carson
B070-2010 March 2010 John Johnson
B077-2010 March 2010 Charles Martin
B111-2010 April 2010 Judah Pattee
B117-2010 April 2010 Andrew Dahlstrom
B121-2010 April 2010 Ben McConnell
B122-2010 April 2010 Andrew McConnell
B123-2010 April 2010 Davirus Watson
B124-2010 April 2010 Andrew Carter
B153-2010 April 2010 Warren Weitner
B166-2010 May 2010 Jordan Smalley
B184-2010 May 2010 William Townson
B232-2010 May 2010 Hans Soland
B233-2010 May 2010 Joel Trevino
B304-2010 July 2010 Lucas Chester
B309-2010 July 2010 Patrick Fenton
B310-2010 July 2010 Ethan Harvey
B312-2010 July 2010 Derrick Farris
B322-2010 July 2010 William Flathers
B323-2010 July 2010 Dakota McRee
B330-2010 July 2010 Jon Schober
B345-2010 July 2010 Dalton Gibbs
B346-2010 July 2010 Jesse Rubianes
B408-2010 August 2010 Timothy Schutz
B512-2010 October 2010 Steven Mathew

2009 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B009-2009 January 2009 Matthew Kohn
B010-2009 January 2009 William Lane
B087-2009 March 2009 Rusty Lewis
B112-2009 March 2009 Michael Daniels
B113-2009 March 2009 Kameron Kersey
B142-2009 April 2009 Thomas Brown
B146-2009 April 2009 Luke Goodnow
B147-2009 April 2009 Elisha Harris
B159-2009 April 2009 Joseph Millican
B222-2009 May 2009 Dylon Conner
B287-2009 June 2009 Peter Steiert
B343-2009 July 2009 Brent Draper, Jr.
B344-2009 July 2009 Andrew Adams
B357-2009 July 2009 Heath Marshall
B358-2009 July 2009 Matthew Baker
B359-2009 July 2009 Grant Bielitz
B406-2009 August 2009 Zachary Hulbert
B407-2009 August 2009 Weston Weitner
B408-2009 August 2009 Zook Lyons
B432-2009 August 2009 Trevor Wooten
B476-2009 September 2009 Conner Anderson
B477-2009 September 2009 Ian Bush
B498-2009 September 2009 Mark Dunk
B500-2009 September 2009 Trent Bradley
B567-2009 November 2009 Kirk Clay
B615-2009 December 2009 Tarrence Winter
B616-2009 December 2009 Stephen Castilleja
B617-2009 December 2009 Seth DeHart
B618-2009 December 2009 Kent Vandover
B619-2009 December 2009 Jacob Lieja
B620-2009 December 2009 Case Vandover
B621-2009 December 2009 Anthony Castillo

2008 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B064-2008 February 2008 Ethan Chambers
B073-2008 February 2008 Jeremy Schaefer
B124-2008 March 2008 Andres Cabrera
B125-2008 March 2008 Natan Cabrera
B126-2008 March 2008 Jacob Darnell
B205-2008 April 2008 Samuel Cooper
B258-2008 May 2008 Tony Chambers
B291-2008 June 2008 David Woodbury
B300-2008 June 2008 Chris Schultz
B312-2008 June 2008 Maxx Wadsworth
B313-2008 June 2008 Forest Wyly
B323-2008 June 2008 Aaron Schulz
B324-2008 June 2008 John Briggs
B331-2008 June 2008 Kim Ortega
B346-2008 July 2008 Mark Oliver
B347-2008 July 2008 Max Nelon
B348-2008 July 2008 Joseph Schaefer
B349-2008 July 2008 Timothy Ivy
B353-2008 July 2008 Jonathan Rimmer
B380-2008 July 2008 Micah Carter
B381-2008 July 2008 Connor Harold
B382-2008 July 2008 Harley Liechty
B383-2008 July 2008 Kendall Shields
B384-2008 July 2008 Matthew Weible
B392-2008 July 2008 Caleb Follis
B405-2008 July 2008 Kyle Ballard
B406-2008 July 2008 James Albritton
B424-2008 August 2008 Isaac Carbajal
B453-2008 August 2008 Taylor Beavers
B481-2008 August 2008 Matthew Goodnow
B482-2008 August 2008 Ethan Groce
B496-2008 September 2008 Matthew Tompkins
B507-2008 September 2008 Jonathan Stanelle
B508-2008 September 2008 David Trambley
B511-2008 September 2008 Jonah Griggs
B512-2008 September 2008 Jerrod Avants
B513-2008 September 2008 Devon Tinney
B517-2008 September 2008 Christopher Shook
B518-2008 September 2008 Jason Waldeck
B519-2008 September 2008 Jesse Pannill
B520-2008 September 2008 Jason Berg
B543-2008 September 2008 David Daugherty
B577-2008 October 2008 Caleb Saucedo
B655-2008 November 2008 Mason Hyde
B667-2008 November 2008 Robert Smillie
B668-2008 November 2008 Jonathan Smillie

2007 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B015-2007 January 2007 Jonas Poland
B047-2007 February 2007 Jeremy Morgan
B048-2007 February 2007 Greg Nieman
B059-2007 February 2007 Tyler Powell
B072-2007 February 2007 Justin Lentz
B073-2007 February 2007 Cameron Maxey
B099-2007 February 2007 Matthew Hellar
B101-2007 March 2007 Kale Kersey
B117-2007 March 2007 Josh Crabill
B305-2007 June 2007 Duke Pool
B324-2007 June 2007 Kris Thomas
B325-2007 June 2007 Stuart Slayton
B328-2007 June 2007 Davion Elliott
B329-2007 June 2007 Benjamin Fenton
B372-2007 July 2007 Billy Dyson
B379-2007 July 2007 Steven Armentrout
B380-2007 July 2007 Aaron Nail
B381-2007 July 2007 Timothy Foster
B383-2007 July 2007 Cody Atchley
B384-2007 July 2007 Nathan Lewis
B385-2007 July 2007 Truett Lewis
B407-2007 August 2007 Joseph Hargrove
B408-2007 August 2007 Clay Hartzoge
B410-2007 August 2007 Nathan Schulz
B420-2007 August 2007 Garrett Bussey
B421-2007 August 2007 Sebastian Allen
B435-2007 August 2007 Matthew Barber
B452-2007 August 2007 Steven Guardado
B453-2007 August 2007 Alex Cervantes
B572-2007 October 2007 Tobias Garner

2006 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B004-2006 January 2006 Jeremy Caldwell
B046-2006 February 2006 Jonathan King
B079-2006 March 2006 Bradley Kuklenski
B080-2006 March 2006 Joel Kuklenski
B083-2006 March 2006 Alex Mangum
B137-2006 April 2006 Jeremy PRater
B147-2006 April 2006 Roy Swindle
B148-2006 April 2006 Codie Hodges
B209-2006 May 2006 Christopher Ellison
B259-2006 June 2006 Colby Perkins
B286-2006 July 2006 Brent Oldaker
B287-2006 July 2006 Timothy Graves
B345-2006 August 2006 Andrew Lewis
B382-2006 September 2006 Stephen Banks
B456-2006 October 2006 Brenton Shull, Jr.
B477-2006 November 2006 Zachariah Villarreal
B526-2006 December 2006 Hunter Funk
B562-2006 December 2006 Joshua Howard

2005 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B027-2005 January 2005 Steven Outland
B035-2005 February 2005 Peter Bennett
B043-2005 February 2005 Chase Beavers
B063-2005 February 2005 Eugene Chambers III
B077-2005 March 2005 Jonathan Harris
B148-2005 April 2005 Bradley Nelson
B149-2005 April 2005 Jacob Nelson
B150-2005 April 2005 Zachary Nickel
B153-2005 April 2005 Spencer Phinney
B154-2005 April 2005 Christopher Williams
B208-2005 May 2005 Michael Haley
B222-2005 May 2005 Zachary Nelon
B237-2005 June 2005 David Hernandez
B238-2005 June 2005 Nathaniel Darnell
B241-2005 June 2005 Harlan Dixon
B253-2005 June 2005 Jonathan Havel
B254-2005 June 2005 Rudy Martinez
B279-2005 July 2005 Taylor Matney
B282-2005 July 2005 Peter McMurray
B288-2005 July 2005 Graham Townson
B291-2005 July 2005 Matthew Briggs
B324-2005 August 2005 Stphen Warne
B372-2005 September 2005 Heath Hines
B382-2005 September 2005 Gaibriel Harris
B385-2005 September 2005 Nathan Maxwell
B400-2005 September 2005 Josiah Coburn
B473-2005 November 2005 Michael Grimes
B474-2005 November 2005 Luke Lukasheay
B482-2005 November 2005 Anthony Wadsworth

2004 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B012-2004 January 2004 Thomas Lewis, Jr.
B019-2004 February 2004 Raymond Stoltzfus
B049-2004 February 2004 Caleb Baley
B082-2004 March 2004 Montana Darnell
B106-2004 April 2004 Brock Boggs
B135-2004 April 2004 Aaron Cooper
B141-2004 April 2004 Tyler Shaw
B142-2004 April 2004 Joshua Newsome
B165-2004 May 2004 Daniel Weeks
B166-2004 May 2004 Steven Weeks
B178-2004 May 2004 Mark Musquiz
B209-2004 June 2004 Frank Super
B210-2004 June 2004 Jacob Rushing
B244-2004 June 2004 Garrett Allen
B245-2004 June 2004 Bobby Kutej
B251-2004 July 2004 Zachary Atchison
B252-2004 July 2004 Brantley Johansen
B253-2004 July 2004 Kenneth Green
B254-2004 July 2004 Jeffrey Green
B256-2004 July 2004 Jeremy Tinsley
B267-2004 July 2004 Joshua Husketh
B301-2004 August 2004 Joshua Johnson
B352-2004 September 2004 Jonathan Simpson
B358-2004 September 2004 Will Woolverton
B359-2004 September 2004 Morgan Moore
B409-2004 October 2004 Jeff Peters
B410-2004 October 2004 Paul Cranfill
B425-2004 October 2004 Jackson Duke
B491-2004 November 2004 Geoffrey Linder
B492-2004 November 2004 David White
B493-2004 November 2004 Jordan Hunt
B494-2004 November 2004 Doug Dolley
B495-2004 November 2004 Tim Hinman
B506-2004 November 2004 Shawn Lee
B507-2004 November 2004 Mark Dilillo
B526-2004 December 2004 Ryan Howard
B527-2004 December 2004 Kiah Bennett
B551-2004 December 2004 Eddie Schultz
B562-2004 December 2004 William Miller
B563-2004 December 2004 Jason Jindra
B564-2004 December 2004 Alex Miller

2003 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B009-2003 May 2003 Joshua Horner
B011-2003 May 2003 Nicholas Harger
B012-2003 May 2003 Austin Crabtree
B013-2003 May 2003 Forrest Brown
B018-2003 June 2003 Jonathan Stewart
B019-2003 June 2003 Daniel Bryce
B021-2003 June 2003 Jerami Clary
B029-2003 July 2003 Austin Ruff
B030-2003 July 2003 Justin Millsap
B031-2003 July 2003 Alan Powell
B054-2003 August 2003 Michael Avrit
B055-2003 August 2003 Adam McCracken
B056-2003 August 2003 Joshua McCracken
B057-2003 August 2003 Johnathan Bailey
B068-2003 September 2003 Johnathan Savis
B069-2003 September 2003 Chris West
B070-2003 September 2003 Chase Gallops
B071-2003 September 2003 Brandon Strickland
B072-2003 September 2003 Curtis Woods
B077-2003 September 2003 Dillon Dickerson
B089-2003 September 2003 Peter Johnson
B090-2003 September 2003 Jarrod Wallis
B091-2003 September 2003 Rodney Henderson
B092-2003 September 2003 Shannon Quinn
B099-2003 October 2003 David Newsome
B112-2003 November 2003 Timothy Fauss
B119-2003 December 2003 Ian Reilly
B120-2003 December 2003 Jordan Chapman
B150-2003 December 2003 John Trower