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Discovery Rangers Gold Falcon Recipients

This information is pulled from the national office listings on their resource pages. If a boy has received his award but not listed below, please validate it has been posted to the national site before contacting anyone. Thanks.

Last Updated 11/12/2017.

2017 Gold Falcon Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient

2016 Gold Falcon Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
GF2016-052 February 2016 Hayden Curry
GF2016-091 March 2016 Dylan Stroyan
GF2016-201 May 2016 Brett Sills
GF2016-209 May 2016 Pierce Parker
GF2016-210 May 2016 Nathan Valadez
GF2016-211 May 2016 Jacob Underwood
GF2016-212 May 2016 Noah Deguire
GF2016-213 May 2016 Jake Pacheco
GF2016-214 May 2016 Joshua Juarez
GF2016-215 May 2016 Aidan Sanford
GF2016-253 May 2016 Caleb Peoples
GF2016-254 May 2016 Andrew Lopez
GF2016-327 June 2016 Zane Euerle
GF2016-328 June 2016 Raymond Graham
GF2016-329 June 2016 Coner McKinney
GF2016-330 June 2016 Daniel Glidewell
GF2016-331 June 2016 Xavier Ozuna
GF2016-332 June 2016 Gabe Gomez
GF2016-333 June 2016 Matt Weir
GF2016-334 June 2016 Aidan Filfer
GF2016-335 June 2016 Noah Janssena
GF2016-336 June 2016 Mike Hindson
GF2016-337 June 2016 Cole Davis
GF2016-338 June 2016 Andrew Davis
GF2016-351 June 2016 Skyler Kelley
GF2016-352 June 2016 Shaun Kelley
GF2016-386 July 2016 James M. Ragsdale
GF2016-507 September 2016 Cason Bell

2015 Gold Falcon Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
GF2015-005 January 2015 Timothy Gell
GF2015-050 February 2015 Emmanuel Bustamante
GF2015-051 February 2015 Patrick McNeil
GF2015-052 February 2015 Ethan Holm
GF2015-092 May 2015 Michael Gallagher
GF2015-116 May 2015 Timothy Lawrence
GF2015-117 May 2015 Gabriel Neas
GF2015-118 May 2015 Larry Aramanda
GF2015-119 May 2015 Brayden Stilwell
GF2015-120 May 2015 Jonathan Salmon
GF2015-121 May 2015 Xavier Reed
GF2015-122 May 2015 Faquazion Lee
GF2015-233 June 2015 Dameron Yates
GF2015-234 June 2015 Preston Moore
GF2015-235 June 2015 Trevor Shepherd
GF2015-236 June 2015 Elijah Brayley
GF2015-336 July 2016 Marcus Miller
GF2015-382a July 2015 Mace Gaines
GF2015-383a July 2015 Lorenzo Alcorta
GF2015-438 August 2015 Joshua Ortiz
GF2015-449 August 2015 Hayden Green
GF2015-467 August 2015 Luke Russell
GF2015-478 September 2015 Tyler Stroyan
GF2015-624 December 2015 Nathan Ogle
GF2015-625 December 2015 David Garcia
GF2015-626 December 2015 Damian Garcia

2014 Gold Falcon Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
GF2014-015 April 2014 Jacob Sanders
GF2014-025 May 2014 Zachary Spaniel
GF2014-071 June 2014 Timothy Huneke
GF2014-072 June 2014 Rylan Cruice
GF2014-073 June 2014 Kaden Spangler
GF2014-096 June 2014 Jace Brasnick
GF2014-152 July 2014 Jacob Sanders
GF2014-160 July 2014 Timothy Goodnow
GF2014-174 July 2014 Tyson Seyer
GF2014-175 July 2014 Gareth Phipps
GF2014-176 July 2014 Jacob Reeves
GF2014-226 August 2014 Matthew Infante
GF2014-227 August 2014 Joshua Cardenas
GF2014-228 August 2014 Caleb Kunz
GF2014-236 August 2014 Timothy Wagner
GF2014-237 August 2014 Caleb Moore
GF2014-238 August 2014 Daniel Grimstead
GF2014-239 August 2014 William Fitzgerald
GF2014-240 August 2014 Zane Brown
GF2014-242 August 2014 Dylan Brincefield