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Starting Royal Rangers

What is Royal Rangers?

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What is Royal Rangers?

Royal Rangers is a mentoring program for future men. We provide Christ-like character formation and servant leadership development for boys and young men in a highly relational and fun environment. Our mission is to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christ-like men and lifelong servant leaders.

Mentoring Future Men

We are prepared to take Royal Rangers to a whole new generation of future men, to the iPod® generation. The iPod has three characteristics important to its users. These same qualities are reflected in Royal Rangers.


Mechanically, every iPod is the same. It is a robust electronic device designed to deliver high quality music. Royal Rangers is likewise a robust mentoring ministry that shapes future men into godly husbands and fathers and excellent servant leaders in every sphere of life. Royal Rangers is a tool that men and boys, serving together, can use to evangelize their world, equip the next generation of Christ-like men, and empower them to become lifelong servant leaders.

Flexible & Effective

Functionally, each iPod is unique, reflecting the user’s choices and preferences in music and media. Royal Rangers is also highly flexible and agile, enabling each outpost to implement our effective discipleship process while reflecting the preferences and practices of its local church leaders to best impact the families in its communities.

Royal Rangers provides flexibility in…

  • Uniforms
  • Staffing
  • Activities - Outdoors, sports, trades, professions, arts, technology, and ministry.
  • Curriculum
  • Cost - Royal Rangers offer cost effective options so every boy and church can participate.


An iPod is a device that is highly interconnected with other technologies. In a similar way, Royal Rangers is highly modular and interconnected, a complement to the ministries of any church. Royal Rangers serves as a compliment to other church ministries, such as…

The Value of Royal Rangers

Royal Rangers provides an effective means of discipling boys and young men by utilizing direct personal relationships between men and boys, developed around a core of shared interests and experiences. Activity-based ministries are essential to the spiritual development of boys.

Our History & Heritage

Royal Rangers has a rich history upon which this great ministry has been built.

Core Principles

The Royal Rangers program is defined by the core principles upon which it was built. These core principles of evangelism, discipleship, leadership, achievement, and service are represented by our pledge, code, motto, and emblem.


More Royal Rangers Answers

How is Royal Rangers Structured?

Where do you meet?

When do you meet?

What do Royal Rangers Uniforms look like?

How can I find an outpost near me?

How are leaders training?

BSA Choice and the Effects on Royal Rangers


How is Royal Rangers Structured?

Royal Rangers is structured in a hierarchy that extends from the local outpost level all the way up to the National Office. The complete hierarchy is:

  1. Local Outpost
  2. Section
  3. District
  4. Region
  5. National Office

At each corresponding level there is a Director or Coordinator who is responsible for certain aspects of Royal Rangers. The majority of a boys time is spent at the Local Outpost level; however events at the Section, District, Region, or National Level provide boys with an opportunity to network with other like-minded boys, and give them a big picture view of what Royal Rangers is all about.

Outposts are chartered by a local church, and that local church is responsible for screening and approving leaders and for assuring that the local Royal Rangers leadership follows the Royal Rangers curriculum and guidelines.

Where do you meet?

The predominant meeting place for Royal Rangers occurs within churches many of them likely within your community. The majority of our outposts operate in churches that are members of the Assemblies of God USA; however the National Assemblies of God provide an application for interested parties who may not be members of the Assemblies of God. For more information on starting an outpost, contact us by email at jonathan@ntxrr.org.

When do you meet?

Typically outposts meetings occur on Wednesday or Sunday evenings during regular church services; however, each Outpost has the ability to set their own meeting dates and times. Royal Rangers does not have to be a 1 day per week activity, but it can be.

What do Royal Rangers Uniforms look like?

Uniforms play an important role in Royal Rangers and serve as one of the primary methods we employ to accomplish the objectives of our program. Royal Rangers groups have the flexibility of choosing from a variety of different options when selecting a uniform. This flexibility enables the group to select a uniform that best suits the unique needs and interests of their group. The meeting or event at which they are worn determines the level of formality.

Uniform Options

How can I find an outpost near me?

You can use the National Royal Rangers Outpost Locator or you can send us an email and we can help you locate an outpost near you.

How are leaders trained?

Leadership training is most often provided through the Sectional/District training staff. For a more complete picture of Royal Ranger Adult Leader Training, visit the National Royal Rangers Outpost Leader Advancement Levels.

BSA's Choice and the Effect on Royal Rangers

In light of the decision made by Boy Scouts of America (BSA), Royal Rangers an amazing opportunity to reach a new group of families; those that are looking for an alternative to scouting for their boys and are committed and supportive of their boys. BSA estimates that anywhere from 200,000-400,000 boys and their families are currently looking for a suitable alternative. We have already begun to field calls and emails from families and churches looking to be a part of Royal Rangers!!! If we work together, we have a chance to connect with thousands of new families throughout North Texas. Imagine what impact that would have on the lives of the boys as well as Royal Rangers!

The General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Rev. George O. Wood released a statement May 23rd discussing Royal Rangers as the Bible-based alternative to scouting. His entire statement be read here.

NOTE: The national Royal Rangers office has developed a transition plan from Scouting to Royal Rangers. It can be downloaded here:

BSA to Royal Rangers Transition Plan

We stand ready in this moment! Here is what we will do as a district Royal Rangers ministry:

  1. Train, prepare and communicate how to transition families from Boy Scouts to Royal Rangers.
  2. Share effective methods and resources for promoting Royal Rangers and integrating families into the local church.
  3. Send families that are inquiring about Royal Rangers to churches in their local community that have a currently chartered Royal Rangers outpost. Your outpost can charter here.

Each leader needs to consider the following:

  1. Your outpost's response to families that are looking for an alternative to scouting.
  2. Make sure that your outpost's leadership understand your church's approach to connecting with these new families. Talk to your Pastor and formulate a plan! Every Pastor in South Texas will be getting a form of this note updating them on recent developments.
  3. Ensure your outpost is CHARTERED. Only chartered outposts appear on the Outpost Locator on the national RR website. Also, the district will refer inquiries to currently chartered outposts only.