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FCF Historical Pathfinder Trips

2018 Pathfinder Trip Summary

Currently no Pathfinder trip is scheduled for 2018.

2017 Pathfinder Trip Summary

Currently no Pathfinder trip is scheduled for 2017.

2016 Pathfinder Trip Summary

No Pathfinder trip was held during 2016.

2015 Pathfinder Trip Summary

No Pathfinder was held during 2015.

2014 Bronze Pathfinder Trip Summary

The North Texas district is sponsoring a Bronze Pathfinders trip this year.  The team will be removing the kitchen and restroom from an existing building and then expanding the old kitchen to make it much larger and to move the restroom to a different part of the building.

This pathfinder trip is being headed up by Eli Harris.

Each day we will post any photos or write-ups that are received by those participating in the Pathfinder Trip.

Sunday, August 3

Demolition was close to being completed.

Monday, August 4

Tuesday, August 5

Wednesday, August 6

Thursday, August 7

Friday, August 8

No information has been provided for this day.


2014 Team

The team consists of the following members:


  • Jeremy Harris
  • Daniel Kohn
  • Nick Kohn
  • Jonathan Parker
  • Xavier Parker
  • Joshua Snyder
  • Elias Trevino
  • Taylor Tribble.


  • Lou Bryan
  • Michael Coburn
  • Eli Harris
  • Ken Harris
  • David Kohn
  • Matthew Kohn
  • Michael LaBarba
  • Steve Roberts
  • JD Smith
  • Luis Trevino
  • Jonathan Trower
  • David Wilson



2013 Bronze Pathfinder Trip Summary

No trip held during 2013.


2012 Bronze Pathfinder Trip Summary

This trip was canceled for 2012.


2011 Bronze Pathfinder Trip Summary

This trip was canceled for 2011.


2010 Bronze Pathfinder Trip Summary

Our Pathfinder trip on August 9-14th, 2010 to First Assembly of God in Jacksonville, Texas went really well. We were able to bless the church and its pastor by painting the entire exterior, painting several classrooms, and doing some siding, electrical, drywall, and plumbing repairs. 17 FCF members, 8 Commanders and 9 young men, went and worked all week. Although it was HOT, these guys just jumped right in and worked hard until the job was completed. Everyone had a great time working for the Lord through service to this church. I am so very proud of everyone who went, especially the young men.

I would like everyone to join me in prayer for First Assembly of God, Jacksonville, and Pastor Mike Eddy and his family. Pray that God will bless the church with new members as well as a financial blessing. But above all, pray that souls will be brought to the Lord and saved through this church's ministry.

Art 'Flintlock' Sullivan
NTX FCF President