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FCF Wilderness Members History

2018 Wilderness Members

If you would like to become a Wilderness member during 2018, please contact the FCF Vice President.


2017 Wilderness Members

No FCF members became a Wilderness member during 2017.


2016 Wilderness Members

No FCF members became a Wilderness member during 2016.


2015 Wilderness Members

Congralutions to each of the the following Shawnee Trail members who completed their requirements and earned Wilderness the weekend of February 8-9, 2015.

  • Ron "Long Shot" Bosher
  • William "Spiritwalker" Brown
  • Kevin "Fire Dog" Gell
  • Daniel "Brave Heart" Kohn
  • Jessie "Giant Slayer" Laughlin
  • Heath "Big Fish" Marshall
  • Ben "Lonestar" Nelon
  • Mark "Two Bears" Oliver
  • Jeff "Trail Blazer" Peterson
  • Samuel "Strong Tower" Peterson
  • David "Bar'd Owl" Wilson


2014 Wilderness Members

Congralations to the following FCF members who earned their WIlderness at the 2014 National Rendezvous on 7/15/2014

  • Josh "Fire Starter" Carson
  • Tanner "River Runner" Farley


2013 Wilderness Members

Congratulations to the following FCF Members who earned their Wilderness advancement on 5/18/2013.

  • Weston "Fracture" Weitner
  • Luke "Pathlighter" Goodnow
  • David "Spotted Bull" Shook
  • Randy "Smooth Stone" Boaz
  • Matthew "Kind Heart" Kohn


2012 Wilderness Members

There were no additional Wilderness members during 2012.


2011 Wilderness Members

We just completed a FCF wilderness vigil at the Sullivan Ranch. The weather was great, but presence of GOD was wonderful. All the Wilderness candidates and staff was touched by His awesome power. We want to welcome our newest Wilderness Members (L to R), Ron "Pure Heart" Goodnow, Rodney "Bow Breaker" Briggs, and Frank "Jaw Bone" Super.

written by David "Little Beaver" Kohn, FCF Historian