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FCF Frontiersmen Members History

2019 Frontiersmen Members


2018 Frontiersmen Members


2017 Frontiersmen Members

Congratulations to the new FCF members during 2017.

Trey Atkeisson, Noah Bogado, Anthony Gell, Timothy Goodnow, Jonathan Hart, and David Hipshire.


2016 Frontiersmen Members

There were no new FCF members during 2016.


2015 Frontiersmen Members

Congratulations to the following new FCF members who completed their Adventure the weekend of 4/25/2015.

Jacob Bell, Edward Byers III, Edward Byers Jr, Jaaron Carpenter, Justin Gallops, Manuel Garcia, Stephen Hay, Peyton McGee, Moses Mengluis, Steven Parker, Benjamin Sanchez, Michael Stone, and Jose Torres


2014 JLDA Adventure

Outpost 11 - Levi Thorson
Outpost 33 - Lane Graham
Outpost 42 - Oscar Ortiz III, Elias Trevino
Outpost 65 - Jaylon Epperson, Joseph Garza, Jacob Landoni
Outpost 72 - David Parks, Emmanuel Salmeron, George Salmeron, John Salmeron
Outpost 86 - Logan Bright, Dylan Brincefield, Ray Pratt, Jacob Sanders
Outpost 185 - Aaron Dotson
Outpost 346 - Austin Adams, Zak Adams
Outpost 448 - Samuel Galloway, Caleb Maxey, Jacob Ward
Outpost 517 - Joseph Quinn


2014 Spring FCF Adventure

The following individuals completed the 2014 Spring adventure. They are: Steve Whitehead, David Burnett, Liam Hayle, Stevan Holliday, Juan Delgado, Gabriel Holliday, and Jeremiah Stephens.

Outpost 55 - David Burnett, Juan Delgado, Gabriel Holliday, Stevan Holliday
Outpost 65 - Jeremiah Stephens
Outpost 96 - Steve Whitehead
Outpost 561 - Liam Hayle


2013 Summer FCF Adventure

The following boys completed the FCF adventure at the 2013 JLDA . They are:

Stephen Gilcrease, Alex Halvorsen, David Halvorsen, Jordan Husketh, Tristan Maxey, Demajia Murphy, Jonathon Parker, Xavier Parker, David Peterson, Dakota Quinn, Matthew Reagan


2013 Spring FCF Adventure

The following are new FCF members as of 4/6/2013.  Please congratulate the following. All are Young Bucks except the two OT identified.

Outpost 55 - Sam Carson, Jesse Laughlin, Nathan McLain, Ben Nelon, Justin Watson
Outpost 62 - Nolen Tatum
Outpost 72 - John Moran, Aaron Tovar, Warren Weitner
Outpost 86 - Bill Shiflet (OT)
Outpost 204 - Vernon McCannon (OT)
Outpost 350 - Joshua Davis, Dalton Gibbs, Jesse Rubianes
Outpost 561 - Jacob Boaz, Patrick Daugherty


2012 Spring FCF Adventure

Congratulations to the new FCF Members. They completed the FCF Adventure successfully on 3/31/2012.

Outpost 55 - Payton Brown, Ethan Heard, Austin Marshall, Joshua Snyder
Outpost 65 - Reagan Zaragoza
Outpost 185 - Caleb Fox, Dakota McRee


2011 Fall FCF Adventure

Please contact the Rodney Briggs for information and names of who passed this adventure.


2011 Spring FCF Adventure


Beautiful weather was enjoyed by all at the adventure. The camp cookie, Shane Fore, prepared wonderful food for us all. Although the hard tack was quite soft this year, no teeth were broken or chipped. I think the cookie had a soft spot for the greenhorns. Things were moving along well for the greenhorns, until lunch time. The slight breeze, 18 mph winds, gave some of them a little trouble. It seams that when they got the birds nest lit, they turned to put wood on the fire and when they turned back there was nothing but ash left. All in all, we lost no one during lunch. It seems they all were still in pretty good spirits. Black powder, knife, and hawk were still to come. No problem, I still can make it. Did you see that! I swear that potato move out of the way. I don’t think I‘ll make it was heard throughout the greenhorn ranks. Sponsors were heard encouraging their charges. “Don’t give up, it’s not over yet.” Oh well, I still got the next two events. There were some pretty long faces by now. You know by supper time all you could here is “May I have some more, I’m starving.” It was a successful adventure. I want to say Thank-you to the Bourgeois, Pure Heart. He didn’t loose anyone one on the trek. Help me say a warm welcome to our 15 new Frontiersmen:

Old Timers      
Michael Applegate William Brown Randy Daughtery Micah Eddy
Jeremy Harris Matthew Hipshire Daniel Kohn Aron Money
Noah Ross John Mark Weible Matthew Weible Elliott Worsham
Grayson Zaragoza      
Old Timers      
Jeff Manley Tim Ross