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FCF Buckskin Members History

2019 New Buckskin Members

 Earned April 2019

 - Anthony Gell, Antler Work


2018 New Buckskin Members

There are currently no new Buckskin members during 2018.


2017 New Buckskin Members

There were no new Buckskin members during 2017.


2016 New Buckskin Members

There were no new Buckskin members during 2016.


2015 New Buckskin Members

 Earned April 2015

 - Cha Tarak, Knife Maker
 - Dreamer, Author / Illustrator
 - Lion Heart, Bead Worker
 - Parting Waters, Beadwork
 - Soaring Eagle, Knife Making / Leather craft

2014 New Buckskin Members

 Earned November 2014

 - Living Waters, Necklaces
 - Spiritwalker, Leather Craft

 Earned June 2014

 - Bar'd Owl, Leather Craft

 Earned April 2014

 - Two Bears, Leather Craft
 - Lone Star, Leather Craft
 - Giant Slayer, Box Maker


2013 New Buckskin Members

   Earned November 2013
 From Left to Right

 - Strong Tower, Carpenter

 - Two Towers, Leather

 - Fire Starter, Carpenter

 - Trailblazer, Cartographer

 Earned July 2013
 From Left to Right

 - Brave Heart, Soap Maker

 - River Runner, Necklace Maker

 - Burning Bush, Carpentry

 - Big Fish, Beading / Necklaces

 Earned 3/9/2013

 - Lighthouse, Candle Maker


2012 New Buckskin Members

No New Buckskin Members.

2011 New Buckskin Members

No New Buckskin Members.

2010 New Buckskin Members

(written for FCF)

Well we all had a great time at winter camp! I think the weather put the fear in the pilgrims though. Friday I had a couple a green Horns tell me they wuz ready ta test for their next advancement in FCF So we commenced ta testing. Now Randy Boaz has been in FCF since he was a kid about 18 years so he is pretty well equipped purty near nervous ya know nobody wants to mess up whens ya are testin'. He has a nice family History and can throw a hawk n knife pruty well. His shootin needs a little work no 10 today! cookin aint bad either. As a tinker he'll do pruty good get those skins soft and they might bring a purty penny or two! Now Named Randy "Smooth Stone" Boaz his scripture is from 1 Samuel 17:49-51 He said at his buck skin ceremony that he wanted to give the devil a head ache! Randy's sponsor was Ronnie "Long Shot" Bosher who just advanced to buck skin at last Brush Poppin'. Way to go "Long shot! Hand made gifts were passed all around and then we had Luke!

Now Luke Goodnow is one of our assistant scouts at age 13 he tested for assistant scout at 12! His Older Brother Matthew "Redwood" Goodnow is our scout and Lukes sponsor! way to go big brother. Because they get along so well at home there is some healthy competition. So let me tell ya Luke can throw a hawk and knife (he did beat out a whole bunch young men older than himself at scout testing) now he's been workin on his shootin because he knew he needed to and he has improved so much he loves ta shoot now! No 10 here though. Now if we could just git him learned how ta keep da dirt out o the food we'd be good! Luke will be a wood wright like his dad and his sponsor. After seen him give some o those awesome handmade gifts no wonder! Now Named Luke "Pathlighter" Goodnow his scripture is from Psalms 119:105 and He says that Jesus has been a light to his path and he wants to be so full of Jesus that he can help light the path for others through Jesus.

Both candidates had awesome I.D. staffs hope all you guys take some notes! If you have ever had a nice staff at pow wow it sure does get some attention from those future FCF members an gives ya a chance ta talk about Jesus ta them!!! At the end of the ceremony we anointed both candidates as ministers and mentors. I am very proud o both these new Buskin members so please send your congrats to Pathlighter and Smooth Stone when ya get a chance.

Written by Ron "Pure Heart" Goodnow, Buckskin Rep