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  • Winter Camp 2021
  • Winter Camp 2021
  • Winter Camp 2021
  • Winter Camp 2021
  • Winter Camp 2021
  • Winter Camp 2021
  • Looking for potential staff members

    The district exec staff is looking for referrals for leaders in North Texas that would like to learn more about being on staff or possibly filling one of the open staff positions.

    If you know of someone, or would like to submit your own information, please follow this link and submit the name for the individual.

    Refer a Leader

    As the district staff continues to have positions filled, you can keep up with the new staff by viewing the Staff page.


  • Winter JLDA

    Dec 29 - Jan 1

    Trail to Tomahawk camps are:
    Ranger Training Camp (RTC)
    Frontier Brigade Camp (FBC)

    Trail to Saber camps:
    Junior Training Camp (JTC)
    Advanced Junior Training
    Camp (AJTC)
    Junior Academy (JA)

    Learn more about each Camp being offered by clicking here.

    Boys Registration Packet

    Staff Registration Packet

    Contact Nolen Fox with all your questions.


    Camporama 2022 Online Registration

    Royal Rangers National Camporama July 10-15, 2022 registration is now open. For all information and to register online go to https://nationalcamporama.com/ 


  • FCF Blacksmith Shop Update

    Thank you to all who continue to donate to the Black Smith Shop for the Shawnee Trail FCF Trapper. if you would like to contribute, please contact the district director Stan Lewis, or one of the FCF Staff - Art Sullivan, Rodney Briggs, or Frank Super.


    We are continuing to get closer but still need your support.


    2021 Winter Camp Photos

    Thanks to everyone who submitted their photos for others to see.

    View Winter Camp Photos


  • FCF Family Camp

    Great memories were made this weekend at the Shawnee Trail, Family Days camp.
    With warm days and cool nights, we fellowshipped, had friendly competition and praised the Lord.

    Friday night, everyone brought pies and Randy Boaz brought the music as we enjoyed Pie and Praise!

    Saturday started with a Women's Tea, then moved on to the frontier competitions. Freddie and Sylvia Bailey Freddie Bailey taught an amazing camp cooking class that demonstrated a giant pork shoulder cooked in a trash can (it was great), pizza on the campfire and even shrimp and sides cooked using "sous vide" that anyone can do without special equipment! Thank you again Freddie and Sylvia for driving in from South Texas and your labor of love. Saturday ended with a great message from "String Bean", Richard David Lowry, from his anvil and forge! Our theme was "Forged in Fire".

    Matthew Kohn, who spent many years at our camps as a boy, visited and shared what God is doing on the A&M campus. After graduating, Matthew stayed on campus to reach other students through the Chi Alpha ministries.

    Sunday morning, Debbie Trower , brought the final message comparing our lives to the Refiner's forge that we experience. Thank you Debbie for sharing from your life!

    Awards were then handed out, and another great camp was over.

    Ranger Commanders, if you and your boys aren't involved in FCF, reach out to the staff. We will help you get connected. You, your boys AND their families will have a great time!


Supporting North Texas GMA - Matthew Kohn

Saturday night at Winter Camp we had the opportunity to hear from Matthew Kohn. Matthew is a Royal Ranger who grew up in our district, earned his GMA and JLDA academy saber, earned Wilderness in the FCF, and served as our chapter scout. In other words, he's one of us. Now Matthew is working as a Missionary Associate with Chi Alpha at Texas A&M, trying to reach the lost on that campus. As a Missionary Associate Matthew has to raise his own support, and at this point in time he could really use some help from leaders and churches in North Texas. If you could make a one-time donation, or better yet, set up a monthly donation to his missions account, that would be a huge blessing to Matthew as he follows God's call on his life. You can go to https://giving.ag.org and click on the Donate button. Search for him by name, enter the amount of your contribution, and if you want, check the box to make it a recurring monthly donation at the bottom of that screen.

Ignite Eurasia Patch

If you would like to help the Ignite Eurasia missions project, our district has issued a special limited edition Ignite Eurasia patch. These are available for $20 each, and 100% of the money raised goes to the Ignite Eurasia project (a donor has paid for the patches and postage). Click on the button below to purchase one or more of these patches.

2021 Version

2020 Version

Medallions / Coins for Sale

The North Texas District has listed their available challenge coins (Pow Wow, Winter Camp, and JLTA Fundraiser) and medallions (Brush Poppin’ Trace and Family Days Camp) on their website at http://www.ntxrr.org/sale_items.htm. They also have new copies of Johnnie: The Barefoot Dreamer book available on the site. Shipping is included in the price of each item.