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  • May Fete 2017
  • May Fete 2017
  • May Fete 2017
  • 2016 Winter Junior Training Camp
  • 2016 Winter Shooting Sports Action Camp
  • 2016 Winter Junior Academy
  • 2016 Winter Camp
  • 2016 Winter Camp
  • 2016 Winter Camp
  • 2016 Winter Camp
  • 2016 Winter Camp
  • 2016 Winter Camp
  • 2016 Winter Camp


  • Family Days
    Oct 20-22

    Attention all FCF Members. Start planning now on attending this years Family Days. There are lots of activities being planned.

    Download and read the registration packet today.

    For more answers to your questions, please contact the FCF President, David Kohn.


  • NRMC
    Oct 27-29

    National Rangers Ministry Camp provides instruction in leading exciting outpost activities. Each man will be introduced to the following activities: archery, art, air rifle, contemporary camping, computers, drama, music, team building initiatives, trades, and Ranger Derby. Additionally, participants experience what it means to be a boy-lead, adult-facilitated outpost, using the team/patrol system. Most importantly, participants are challenged spiritually to live a life of godly manhood and servant leadership. Every leader will be able to answer the question, “Do I have what it takes to be a godly man?”

    For more information and registration details, please visit the national Royal Rangers Website. Discount Registration deadline is September 22.


  • Archery Tournament
    October 28

    The Oaks, Outpost 33, will be hosting the Royal Rangers Centershot Postal Archery Tournament on October 28th from 10 am - 1 pm. Everyone is welcome to come compete. Please review all documents and contact Stan Lewis will all your questions.


    Winter Camp
    Nov 17-19

    Join together with Rangers from across the district for the annual district Winter Camp. The camp will be held November 17-19 at The Royal Rangers Camp at Lakeview. There will be new and exciting activities planned for boys of all ages at this camp.

    At Winter Camp, your boys will have a chance to meet boys from across the district, and participate in fun activities: shooting sports, FCF related events, and other games and activities. They will enjoy a time of fellowship after the Saturday evening council fire service enjoying hot chocolate and having refreshments in the FCF village.

    The theme is "Hit the Mark"

    Registration, with full payment, is due (postmarked by) October 27. 

    Download and read the registration packet today.

  • 2018 South Central Regional Conference

    The Regional Conference will be held on January 12-13, 2018 in San Antonio. Please watch the regional website for details to be posted soon.


    2018 National FCF Rendezvous

    Start planning now on attending the 2018 National FCF Rendezvous. All your outposts FCF members would have a fantastic time. Check out the national rendezvous website for more information on this upcoming event.


District News

Updated August 29, 2017

North Texas Royal Rangers keeps you updated on current news and event information with a regular email newsletter. All upcoming events are covered.

If you need information or have articles to share needs, please contact David Trower, District Public Relations Coordinator. He will get back with you ASAP answering your needs.

Current News


Thursday Evening Prayer (9:00 pm) - Every Week

We would like to encourage commanders around North Texas to pray at 9:00 p.m. each Thursday for the Royal Rangers Ministry in North Texas.

Please join the district staff as they pray every Thursday as they shower heaven with praises and thanksgiving for all the Lord has given us charge over. After this, lets thank Him for our leaders in this great District and the boys he has given us to train. Lets petition the Lord for more leaders and boys to help us further His great Work! Lets pray for our camp and all things needed to help in our journey towards greatness in this wonderful ministry! Again, lets thank the Lord for all He has given us charge over and being our Champion, Savior, Provider, healer, and Friend!

Please join others leaders at 9 p.m. Thursdays and Pray.


What is Masters Toolbox

Missionaries all around the world need many different kinds of “tools” to spread the gospel.

Through Master’s Toolbox, Royal Rangers can help meet those needs.

In recent years, Master’s Toolbox has purchased generators, dug water wells, supplied pastors’ libraries, repaired churches, translated literature, trained leaders, and held outreaches in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Eurasia.

Read more about how Royal Rangers can support Masters Toolbox.

Master Toolbox Brochure


Camp Finances - Future 500

NTX Future 500

The Royal Rangers Camp at Lakeview has been a blessing to the Royal Rangers of North Texas for many years. Our first building – the pavilion – was built in 1995, followed by the Ollie Henley Lodge, bathhouses, the first aid building, and other facilities. Maintenance of our existing buildings is funded in part by the Compass Program, where leaders pledge at least $10 per month. What the Compass Program doesn’t cover must be covered by other donations, or it must come out of camp fees that our boys pay.

Click on patch to see more projects needing funded and completed projects or click here.


Future 500 Documentation (PDF)